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Honduras Mission Trip



For Real-Time Updates on the 2017 Honduras Mission Trip, please visit the trip Facebook page by clicking here.

Pablo Martinez is the minister of the Mololoa Church of Christ in Mololoa, Honduras. A graduate of the Baxter Institute, Pablo and his family moved to Mololoa in Decmber 2013 to work primarily with the congregation but also with the kitchen and daycare. Tyler Gist helps overseee the kitchen and daycare in Mololoa.

Mololoa Kitchen/Daycare

Through our kitchen and daycare center in Mololoa many children receive loving care and a nutritious and much needed meal each day. This is one of the very important ways that we share the love of Jesus Christ to that community.


Click here for the August 2015 update from Bob and Flo. Bob and Flo Calderwood have been missionaries in Malawi for 20+ years. Bob is over the Lubagha Bible Institute in Rumphi. The insitiute, which is an accredited university, equips men to be preachers and evangelists and Flo teaches the women to be bible teachers and gives cooking and nutrition classes. Click here to read more about the work they do.

Fort Jackson

Over the past few years, this ministry has provided a worship service and Bible study for a total annual attendance of 6500 military members at Fort Jackson. That represents approximately 2500 different individuals that have taken the opportunity to worship at least one Sunday. The average attendance based on 50 weeks a year is 130. We estimate that of those 2500, 20 to 30% are members of the church. Based on the current members, this ministry is on track to assist 90 to 100 individuals in baptism this year. These are about the same numbers for the past 3 - 5 years. Worship starts at 11:30 am at the Anderson Street Chapel. If you are interested in assisting with the worship service, please contact Kevin Grindstaff. " a good soldier of Christ Jesus." - 2 Timothy 2:3 Ministry Leader: Kevin Grindstaff Ministry Volunteers: Troy Wahr, Rob Honeycutt, Danny Thomas, Jim Redding, Jim Edwards, and many others. Ministry Purpose: To provide a weekly worship service for Basic Military Training Trainees and Advanced Individual Training Trainees who desire to worship with the Church of Christ while assigned at Fork Jackson Army Post. Ministry Goals: Weekly Worship – Provide a worship service for any soldier desiring to worship God. Distribute Bibles – Provide bibles to anyone in need of a bible for daily bible study. Follow-up Bible Studies – Distribute World Bible School correspondence courses to anyone interested in further study after departing Fort Jackson.

Honduras Summer Mission Trip

See the 2015 Honduras Mission Trip video here.

  • Each summer we take an unforgettable 10 day mission trip to Honduras. What do we do on our trip?
  • build houses for the homeless
  • visits the orphans at private and state-run orphanages
  • visit the sick and blind in the hospitals
    provide medicine for the sick
  • provide clothing
  • provide clean water and wholesome food
  • provide educational materials and supplies to the schools
  • teach the lost about the love of Jesus
  • share our love with them

In addition to our yearly trip, the Palmetto Church supports a full time missionary to Honduras.